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2 printed scores

1 MP3 file of fixed media

Impostor Syndrome

  • Impostor Syndrome (2019)


    Impostor Syndrome is written for B-flat clarinet, Bass clarinet, and fixed electronics. Commissioned by my two friends, Katherine Breeden and Julia Lougheed, Impostor Syndrome attempts to invite the listener to dive into the minds of people with Imposter Syndrome. The opening begins with electronic sounds that signify the listener entering the brain. We burst through the threshold of the mind with a loud crash. The performers enter with an eerie dance between pitches. The electronics continues with static white noise and sweeping sounds that emulate neurons firing as the listener passes deeper into the mind. As the listener reaches the depths of the subconscious, the highly perfectionist, over-achieving, and driven traits of a person with imposter syndrome come to light in the minimalist style of the middle section. The two performers phase in and out as they grapple between accepting who they really are and the possibility of just being a fraud. The music fades away, and the piece ends similarly to the opening signifying the listener’s departure from the brain.

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