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I’m Paco. I live in Arizona with my wife. If I’m not teaching, composing, or performing, you can usually find me hiking, traveling, or enjoying a cup of coffee. To learn more about my professional endeavors, check out my professional biography or my curriculum vitae below!


Dr. Francisco Javier Dudley de Alba, more commonly known as Paco, is a teacher, composer, performer in the Metro-Phoenix area. He formerly taught undergraduate clarinet lessons as a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University (ASU) Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Currently, Dr. de Alba seeks to spread his enthusiasm for music through private teaching and working with local music programs.

Dr. de Alba is an accomplished and award-winning performer. He performed across the United States and internationally, including Belgium, France, and the Philippines. In 2015, Dr. de Alba was awarded the Zodiac Music Academy and Festival Chamber Music Award. He was recently invited by the International Clarinet Association to premiere a solo work at ClarinetFest® 2023. Dr. de Alba was a member of several chamber music groups, which premiered works at international conferences. He also performs with large ensembles, such as Tempe Winds, Tempe Symphony Orchestra, and Chandler Opera Company.

Along with his passion for teaching and performing, Dr. de Alba is an avid composer and arranger. He was the former Vice President of the Columbus State University (CSU) Society of Composers and has had several of his pieces premiered across the United States and internationally. Drawing inspiration from his diverse background,

Dr. de Alba collaborates with performers to create unique pieces with varying styles and instrumentation. As an advocate of new music, he also performs several works by other emerging composers and strives to amplify the voices of underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Dr. de Alba studied composition with Dr. James Ogburn, Dr. Matthew McCabe, and Dr. Fred Cohen during his time at CSU Schwob School of Music. Dr. de Alba received his Bachelor of Music degree at CSU under the instruction of Dr. Lisa Oberlander. He earned his Master of Music and Doctorate of Music degrees, studying under Dr. Robert Spring and Dr. Joshua Gardner at ASU. His current research explores the use of linguistics to analyze various aspects of clarinet pedagogy.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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