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Bahay Kubo

  • Bahay Kubo for Wind Ensemble (2020)


    Bahay Kubo was commissioned by Dr. Malcolm Jones and was written for the Arizona State University Wind Ensemble. Inspired by my Filipino heritage, I chose to use the folk tune, Bahay Kubo, as the main theme of this piece, first introduced by the piccolo. Bahay Kubo (nipa hut in English) is a traditional Filipino folk song by Felipe Padilla de León. The name, Bahay Kubo, comes from bahay, the Filipino word for house, and the Spanish word cubo, meaning cube, due to the shape of the structure. The original song is about the nipa hut and the various plants that surround it. The hut is primarily made out of nipa leaves and bamboo, and it is a traditional family home, having no partitions for rooms. Bahay Kubo is a symbol of the Filipino tradition of bayanihan, which signifies working together, a sense of closeness, and helping each other without expecting anything in return. Much like bayanihan, the ensemble joins together to perform my reimagined version of this song.

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