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    Uncharted (2023)


    Uncharted for Reed Quintet was commissioned by the Arcane Reed Quintet for the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest 2023. Inspired by the theme of Our Global Community: Past, Present, Future, the piece centers around the “Future” aspect. The world is connected more than ever, and decisions around the world affect everyone on this planet. Many issues, such as health, climate change, and human rights, have global effects. Thinking about the future can overwhelm anyone with many emotions. I attempt to portray a handful of emotions I experience when thinking about the future. Striving to be optimistic, I wanted the piece to end hopeful. Although we are entering an age of uncharted waters full of challenges and uncertainty, we can alleviate each others’ anxieties by moving forward as a united global community and realizing our impacts on one another. 

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