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Seven Spirits

  • Seven Spirits (2018)


    Seven Spirits is written for unaccompanied B-flat clarinet, and was commissioned by Dr. Julia Lougheed. Not to be confused for its religious context, the title Seven Spirits is a play on words. This piece is about seven liquors also known as spirits (Whiskey, Schnapps, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, and Brandy). Each movement is titled after a liquor, but the music is not necessarily meant to emulate or “sound-like” the liquor. Instead, it is more of an exploration of my personal experience with each of the liquors through sound. The movements can be performed in any order. Before each movement, the performer is to consume a shot of liquor corresponding to the title. Preferably, the audience will also consume shots with you as you progress through the piece. If at any point you are unable to keep performing due to the alcohol consumption, you are to end the piece immediately. Please drink responsibly.

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