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  • Singkil (2023)


    Singkil is a traditional Filipino folk dance inspired by the stories of the mythological epic called “Darangen.” It involves dancers weaving between bamboo sticks striking in a rhythmic pattern. This piece draws heavy influence from this dance and attempts to reimagine it by incorporating the clarinet. The multimedia collaborator for this piece was Ina de Alba.


    Singkil for Clarinet and Multimedia

    I. Asik

    The Princess's Attendant performs a dance to win her favor. The Attendant traditionally holds an umbrella.

    II. Pasok

    This movement does not originally have a name, but I chose to title it Pasok, which is Tagalog for "entrance." The other dancers enter the scene, beginning with the Princess waving fans. The Prince then enters wielding a sword and shield. Lastly, dancers holding bamboo sticks signal the beginning of a crescendo to the first climax. The story goes that "diwata" or evil spirits/fairies capture the Princess, her Attendant, and the Prince in a forest of bamboo. They must try to escape, but they are initially unsuccessful.

    III. Patay

    Patay is Tagalog for "dead," and it is traditionally a strucutral movement used as a pause or break for the dancers before the second climax.

    IV. Pangwakas

    This movement does not originally have a name, but I chose to title it Pangwakas, which is Tagalog for "finale." The dancers continue to weave through the bamboo sticks to a second climax, finally escaping the forest.


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