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  • Spring (2024)


    It’s really hard to capture what writing this piece means not only for me but for everyone in the quartet premiering it. In many ways, Dr. Robert Spring has been influential in our lives as clarinetists and as people. Being a part of his studio is like joining a giant family. He has a way of drawing out the best in all of us. I titled this piece “Spring” for the obvious reason of naming it after him, but I also was thinking about how the season of Spring is so fitting for this next chapter. Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings, and growth. The piece starts with a slow section to try and capture the bittersweet feeling of his retirement. Contrastingly, it ends with a faster, more Percy Grainger inspired, celebratory section as a nod to Dr. Lisa Oberlander, who was a main catalyst for my start in composing and arranging pieces and who so graciously funded this piece. Thank you, Lisa, John, and Daniel, for your involvement in putting this piece together, and especially, thank you, Bob, for creating this family of clarinetists and friends!

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